Shinfujin Submits Petition Signatures of the War Laws and the Henoko Base Construction to the Diet


The second rally of submitting petitions calling for the repeal of the war legislation.

The representatives of 29 civic groups opposing the unconstitutional national security legislation held a rally on October 5 in the Lower House members’ office building and announced that the total number of signatures recorded seeking the repeal of the war legislation has reached 15.8 million.
Since the war laws were forcibly enacted in September last year, these groups have campaigned with the goal of collecting 20 million signatures. On that day, they handed opposition lawmakers nearly 2.3 million signatures they have gathered since this June.

Shinfujin has collected the cumulative total of 1.29 million signatures so far.


The rally of submitting petitions Okinawa related matter


On the same day, 53,244 petition signatures related to Okinawa matters including cancellation of the government plan to construct a new U.S. base in Nago’s Henoko district were submitted to the Diet.  Of the above number of submitted signatures, Shinfujin delivered 11,082 signatures.

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